Mandatory medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria

This insurance product is intended for foreign nationals. 

  • High Sum Insured amount – 60 000 leva 
  • This insurance is mandatory and is being concluded for foreigners, residing in Bulgaria on a short-term or long-term basis
  • Discounts for persons up to 14 years of age 
  • Price for 1 year - 229,50 leva 

Main Coverage Options: 

Medical expenses for treatment and hospital stay

 Covered expenses include such for sudden, unexpected, unforeseeable

 ailment, illness or accident, including also transportation expenses for accommodation or relocation.

Medical expenses for emergency dental care  The scope of the insured liability includes all needed expenses, incurred by
 the Insuree or by the healthcare establishment for treatment and hospital stay upon sudden, unexpected,
 unforeseeable ailment, illness or accident, which have occurred during the insurance
 contract’s effect.

 The scope of the insured liability includes dental care, as the coverage encompasses only
 emergency conditions upon the following dental services:

  • incision of abscesses and phlegmons in the oral cavity
  • extraction of a suddenly broken or deeply damaged tooth, anaesthesia included
  • control check after the services under Items 1 and 2
  • emergency conditions after the used dental procedures


For reimbursement of expenses for medical examinations, it is necessary to fill out the few forms. These documents should be sent to the insurance intermediary. 

- A filled in Claim Payout Form (for natural persons) as per the Insurer’s template – an original with all particulars

- Outpatient card, issued by the attending physician, filled in with all particulars and explicitly indicating the illness onset, signed and stamped by the attending physician and signed by the Insuree – a copy

-  A detailed invoice in the Insuree’s name (reflecting the conducted medical examination, by type and price) and a fiscal receipt, attached to it – an original

- An official document, containing the Insuree’s bank account, if it has not been indicated in the Claim Payout Form

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