Is Sunny beach a safe place to go?

Sunny Beach is a lot safer than many other popular European holiday resorts. There is a big increase in police patrols every year which make things even safer. Many regulars find it safer here than in UK  on a saturday night. 

- Watch out for pickpockets on the crowded buses to / from Old Nessebar! Beware of gipsy ladies next or behind to you. They usually operate in group. 

- Never exchange money with anyone on the streets! Use Crowns kiosks, banks or hotels. Probably you will see higher rates at other booths but can be easy rip off.  

- Do not use Euronet`s ATM if you see any on main or beach strip. 

- Never get in a yellow taxi without agreeing the price. Make sure price is in bg leva and not per person. 

- Never take valuables to the beach. Valuables should be locked in a hotel safe. So hire a room safe always advisable.

- McDonalds is very over priced by Bulgarian standards. Certain franchise fast-food joints ain`t as cheap as they are in UK. 

Definitely Sunny beach is a great resort for everyone who are looking for a lovely, fun and safe time!

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