Old town in Nessebar

Old town is a World Heritage site since 1983

Nessebar is an ancient town and one of the major seaside resorts, located near Sunny beach. Nessebar is a rich city-museum defined by more than three millennia of ever-changing history. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The Old Town was declared an architectural-historical reserve in 1956Its abundance of historic buildings prompted Unesco to include Nessebar in its list of Word Heritage sites in 1983.

Nessebar is one of the most ancient towns in Europe, founded 3200 years ago. The different museum halls provide information about the town’s existence under the control of the Thracians, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Third Bulgarian State. Ever since it was founded, the town has always been surrounded by fortification walls, some remains of which have survived to this day.The Bulgarian version of the name, Nessebar has been attested since the 11th century.

Nessebar is town with the highest number of churches. Forty churches survive today, wholly or partly. The main church is St.Sofia, just like the main temple of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. The temple is 25.50 m long. It used to be mortared, its walls were painted, and its entire floor was covered with a mosaic made of small multicoloured rocks. The basilica was built at the end of the 5th and the beginning of the 6th centuries. If visit the Old Nessebar, you can see the remains of thermal baths from the early Byzantine period. They were built in the 6th century and were used as baths until the end of the 8th century when they were reconstructed to become residential buildings.

So walking through Old town is like going back in time. Wondrous ruins, old wooden houses, cobbled streets, lovely little side streets with breathtaking views of the sea, many chraming gift shops and restaurants. Don`t miss stop to The Michael`s Eco bar. This beautiful town of Nessebar is definitely worth a visit. 

Best way to visit Old Nessebar? 

- walk along the beach. It takes about an hour. You can always stop off for a drink. 

- the local bus runs to Nessebar every 10 mins and only costs 1.30 leva. It takes about 20 min. Watch out for pickpockets. 

- grab a regular little mini train which is 3 leva but you have to change. One goes from Flower street to southern end of Sunny beach and the next one takes you to Old Nessebar.   

- it is a short taxi drive from the Sunny beach Hotels. Taxi will cost 20 bg leva. 

- take a water taxi from main pier in Sunny beach. Runs most days from 09:00 AM to 22:00 PM. Cost is 10 leva adults, 5 leva for kids 

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