​Khan`s tent is most popular night venue in Sunny beach. Enjoy one special night out in Bulgaria.

"> Khan's tent - Sunny Beach restaurant - Ханский шатер

Khan`s tent - Ханский шатер

From Khan`s tent terraces have great views of sea and rolling hills. You can enjoy stunning sunsets. Please take a camera on this trip, as the views of surrounding area are outstanding. It`s architecture recalls the tents of the Bulgarian Khans. ''Hanska Shatra'' as it is known by the locals, a traditionally themed Bulgarian restaurant with an international cabaret floor show, dancers, various live acts dinner, drinks and pleasant music to entertain you.

The night start around 20.00 PM. Friendly staff will make you feel very welcome. We advise book a table with a la carte menu if you are fussy eaters. It means you would pay for exactly what you eat and drink. You will be picked up from your hotel and drop you off back. The food will be much better than the set meals for big groups. We advise to start with traditional Bulgarian shopska salad. It is tomato, crisp cucumber and melt in the mouth white cow cheese. You will enjoy live band with classic music hits and get warmed up for the show. Cabaret show begin at the 22.00 PM. What a shaw! What a acts! Cabaret show has to be seen to be believed! Various acts, Charlie Chaplin act, juggling, trapeze, contortionist, balancing, dancers all incredible good. The show finish around 23.00 PM. At the end of the show you will enjoy live music to dance. So this is the best international floor show. An ideal night out for the whole family.

We can arrange Khan`s tent with a la carte or set menu. So what is included if book a table with set menu? On arrival there is white wine on the table (a bottle each - part of the price) plus a sample of the Bulgarian local drink, rakia and soft drinks. The menu: 1st course Shopka salad (on a plate the size of a saucer) basically onion, tomato and cucumber with feta cheese. 2nd course: a croquet potato in the shape/size of a burger with a mint yoghurt sauce (again plate the size of a saucer). 3rd course: chicken in mushroom sauce with boiled potatoes and veg. 4th course: a very nice ice cream cake (vanila and peach icecream layers on a sponge base) Do take some money with you as you may need to buy beer or wine if you run out. Khan`s tent do group or couple photos that you can buy. 

What people said about us? 

“This was our second visit and this time, we used a local company to book us a table a la carte and take us to Khan's tent by cab. The food was so much better than the set meals offered by the coach trips, by the time we had paid the cab, had a slap up 3 course meal with enormous portions, it was still cheaper than the trips organised by the tour guides and holiday reps!”  (Trip advisor)

“Use Sunny beach tours, we got his details via this page and had a fantastic night. Basically he books your table and arranges transport, which you pay him for, when you get there you order food, drinks etc from the menu then pay for what you have like in a restaurant. It works out to be the same price as booking with the reps but you get private transfer, great table and the food was delicious. We wanted to see the show but were put off by reviews of the food on the set menu, doing it this way you get the best of everything. Enjoy!!!”

So Khan`s tent is one brilliant night out not to be missed!  Contact us and we shall arrange Khans tent for you! Best price guarantee! 

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