Saint Vlas resort

Sveti Vlas coastal town located just 5 km north of Sunny Beach resort, between the Black Sea and Balkan Mountains. A village was founded in the 2nd century AD by Thracians and Greeks. First name was Larissa. Name Sveti Vlas acquired in the 14th century as monastery is dedicated to Saint Blaise. The old monastery was burnt down from countless attacks of pirates. Village was known just Manastir during the Ottoman slavery. Sveti Vlas become the official name in 1886. Population was mainly Greek until 1920 when most of them emigrated to Greece.

Sveti Vlas is popular tourists destination now. No gap between Sunny beach and St.Vlas as many hotels and apartments were built along the cost. It is just 10 km away ancient town of Nessebar. You can get there by public bus, a taxi or water boat. The resort is very popular amongst Bulgarians, Russians, Romanians, Poland. It is still pretty calm and quiet making it excellent place for family rest. Many families stayed there with small children. The climate is very suitable for the treatment of various diseases.

Church of Saint Blaise is a must if you are ever in St.Vlas. It is a little church, very light and beautiful inside. Interior is spectacular with painted walls and ceilings. Weddings taking place there. Well worth a spiritual visit. Another church is St.Afanaciy the Great. It is located just behind the Post office. Churches are serene, cool and really welcome. 

Museum of Motorcycles (20 Russalka str) is a very interesting hidden gem for all petrol heads. Fantastic places with just under 50 bikes in unrestored condition and many engines on display from the last century. Well worth the 3 leva to get in. If you like bikes you will love this place. Petrol heads dream. 

The latest development is building Yacht Port. The “Marina Dinevi” with its clubs and restaurants has become famous and popular among the tourists and guests of St.Vlas. 

How to get to Sveti Vlas: 

- get a number 5 bus from main road and get off in the village square. The bus takes about 10 - 15  min. The square is buzzing in the evening. Some nice bars and good restaurants too. The prices are about the same as Sunny beach, although more expensive at the Marina. There are quite a few shops around the square that worth a visit if you are looking for some bargains. 

- taxi will cost you 20 bg leva 

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