Cigarettes and tabacco in Sunny beach

Cigarette prices have risen every year in Bulgaria but they are still cheaper than in UK. Prices are set by Bulgarian government and must have the official seal on them. It shows duty paid and the price too. All cigarettes and tabacos with the official seal are genuine. Better to buy in Sunny beach as cigarettes may not celling in the Bourgas airport to anyone flying withing the EU. If buy from airport having Euros is an advantage. All airport prices are in Euro`s then convert it to British sterling at a poor exchange rate. You can buy unlimited amount back to the UK for personal use, part of free movement of good. The 2020 will probably be the last year for unlimited imports. The duty free will return after the transition period once has ended, then the limit will be 200 cigs. Put it into hand luggage for safe keeping. 

You can buy cigarettes on Balkan flights. They sale on board King, Marlboro, Rotmans, L&B, Karelia, Corset and Vogue superslims, Parlament, however the selection may be subject to availibility. 

Prices of tabacos: Green Golden Virginia is 100 leva for 10 packs of 40 gram pouch. Yellow`s one is 75 for 10 packs of 30 gram. Turner is 95 leva for 10 packs of 30 gram. Old Holborn is 100 leva for 10 packs too. Amber leaf is not available in Bulgaria.  

Prices for cigarettes: L&B Original silver is 69 leva, L&M 52 leva, Benson & Hedges Gold is 65 leva, Lucky strike is 54 leva, Lucky strike resized is 55 leva, Rothmans is 52 leva, Camel is 54 leva, Marlboro is 54 leva, Winston is 52 leva. Regal, Silk Cut Silver, Mayfair white are one of the brands not available in Bulgaria. 

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