St. Anastasia Island

St. Anastasia Island had existed since the Middle Ages. The island was inhabited by monks in the 14th centure. There`s legends for buried treasures. The island was often attacked and burned by pirates. It was reconstructed during the 18th-19th century. It has been abandoned since 1923, when the island was transformed into a prison. In 1925, a group of 43 political prisoners escaped from the Island. In their honor, the island was renamed Bolshevik when the communists came into power in 1945. 

Today, in addition to the monastery with its church, there is a lighthouse, a museum, a small quay, a restaurant, a bar, a gift shop with hand-made stuff and two guest houses with a total of five rooms available to tourists. The church is the oldest building. It is dated back to the period between the 12th and 14th century. It is famous for its unique wooden carvings. Some of the frescoes have been restored too. The Island is small but full with history. You will enjoy gorgeous views of the Black Sea and city of Bourgas. Try traditional homemade lemonade and herbs grown on the Island. The Lekarna shop offering a variety of herbal teas as a reference to the healing skills of St. Anastasia.  In the summer, the Island is accessible from Burgas via boat services running back and forth multiple times a day. 

How to get to St.Anastasia Island: A shuttle service (electric vehicles) is available from the main pier steps in the Sea Garden in Bourgas, cost 1 BGN per person taking you through the sea gardens to the passanger docks. The boat will retun you back in 2 hours giving time to look around the Island. Boat trip is 30 minutes long. Cost is 12 BGN. Museum entry is 6 BGN which was the former monastery and jail. They have audio guide in English and tells you more about the Island's history.  

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